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- Preferred rate connection with XGS’s exclusive network of industry experts in the retirement plan arena including:
Elite Retirement Consultants
Attorneys/ E.R.I.S.A. counsel
Nationally recognized speakers
Additional service providers
- Access to retirement plan evaluation reports including:
Plan level and plan participant fee analysis tool
Vendor RFI and RFP
Industry specific benchmark
Best practices review and comparison to sponsors across the country
Broker/Advisor fee and service comparison
Fiduciary scorecard
Investment analysis
Broker check background check on your broker
Sample employee & committee quality control surveys
- Updates on industry news including:
Economist investment updates*
Legal news and pending legislation*
Participant trends and resources*
Internal XGS information
Total of TWO XGS matchmaker connections to our network of industry experts. One match available per industry
Total of TWO retirement plan evaluation reports
Total of TWO treasure chest requests
- Priority invitations to CPE and HRCI credit eligible educational and networking events including:
Annual plan evaluation and fiduciary summits
Fiduciary training for your committee
Webinars and web presentations
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"A recent survey shows people with financial plans based on financial advice have amassed over three-and-a-half times (357%) the retirement assets of those who do not."

The goal of the XGS CONNECT membership is to provide resources for sponsors to:

As these accomplishments are unique to each member, XGS provides multiple resources to help you with the process. Outlined is an overview of our services at the core of your membership. Whether you choose to take advantage of the silver, gold or platinum membership, you will be gaining access to a partner committed to HELPING AMERICA REACH THEIR RETIREMENT GOALS ONE RETIREMENT PLAN AT A TIME.


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A recent survey shows people with financial plans based on financial advice have amassed over three-and-a-half times (357%) the retirement assets of those who do not.

An annual 1% cost savings and 1% extra return over a 30 year period can yield your employees an extra $462,412 at retirement*