Plan Evaluation Tools:

2017 Retirement Road Show – Plan Sponsor Report

This report is a collection and summary of 977 retirement plan sponsor respondents who volunteered to participate in our nationwide survey. Our goal was to analyze the responses to identify trends and market changes.

Features of this report:

  • Summary of Respondents
  • Fiduciary Training
  • Topics of Interest
  • Searches and Hires
  • Time Since Last RFP
  • Evaluating or Adding Investments
  • Plan Sponsors Questions from 2017

ERISA Smart – Investigative Analysis Tool

Want to know how your plan would stand up in a DOL Investigation? Through the ERISA Smart – Investigative Analysis Tool you can score yourself on how prepared your plan is for real life DOL Investigation before it happens! ERISA SMART Investigative Analysis will help you gain an understanding on your level of compliance as it pertains to a DOL Investigation of your ERISA covered retirement plan. This tool is meant to duplicate a DOL Investigator interview of a plan sponsor or fiduciary.

ERISA Smart – Investigative Analysis Tool was developed by former DOL Senior Investigator, David Donaldson owner and manager of ERISA Smart. ERISA Smart provides a suite of resources and tools that can assist Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries to mitigate their risk, which in turn, leads to a successful Plan Management program.

Reality of Fiduciary Responsibility and DOL Enforcement:

  • DOL-EBSA achieved over $1.6 Billion in total monetary results in fiscal year 2013
  • In 2013 there were 3,677 civil investigations with 2,677 (72.8%) resulting in monetary results for plans or other corrective action
  • Investigations led to the indictment of 88 persons for crimes related to employee benefit plans in fiscal year 2013


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Xponential – Plan Excess Revenue Tool

Reducing Risk and Cutting Plan Excess

The Xponential Plan Excess Revenue Tool helps retirement plan sponsors analyze service provider revenue for plan risk and upgrades. It is designed for: 401k, 403b, 457, Money Purchase, and Profit Sharing Plans. This tool gathers your plan’s information and applies industry concepts of service provider economics to provide you with a Plan Excess Zone Score. Your score will identify when service provider revenue grows to potentially exceed the reasonable charges of doing business.

As a plan sponsor, you must monitor your plan’s excess revenue in order to:

  • Identify Fiduciary Red Flags: Department of Labor (DOL) regulations require plan sponsors and fiduciaries to act prudently and solely in the interest of the plan’s participants. This includes ensuring that payments to their service providers are “reasonable.”  If your plan is paying too much to your service provider then you could be targeted by the DOL or at risk for lawsuits.
  • Capture Fee Reductions and Service Upgrades: Plan sponsors can leverage their plan’s excess service provider revenue to drive down costs for both their organization and participants and unlock services that may not have been available. No two plans are similar and neither are their needs, which is why it is important to evaluate fees and services, side by side.
  • Improve Participant Outcomes: Plan Sponsors who routinely monitor and leverage plan excess revenue can offer participant fee reductions and enhanced participant services that can drastically improve participant retirement outcomes. Even a one percent decrease in fees can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional savings at retirement.

Excess Revenue Explained


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Xponential – Plan Evaluation Report

Are you curious about how your retirement plan fairs against the market? Our Plan Evaluation Report is the perfect starting place to examine and benchmark your retirement plan in relation to the industry and your peer group’s performance.

Key Components of the Report:

  • Industry vs. Peer Group Performance
  • Investment Performance
  • Fee Comparisons
  • Fiduciary Flags